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Orange Mango Smoothie

May 27th, 2009 2 comments


2 ripe mangos
2 oranges 
3 bananas
1 cup water (or a few ice cubes)
Slice of lemon (if desired) 


Cut the mangos and scoop out the flesh into the blender.  Peel the oranges, take out the seeds, and add to the blender.  Add three bananas and blend into a super smoothie.  

Pour it into a glass and add a slice of lemon, if you want.

I like to use frozen bananas or a little ice to make a cool smoothie.  Really cold food is a shock to your body, but it’s OK to have your smoothie a bit cool.

For some other low-fat raw recipes, check out Frederic’s Raw Recipe DVD Series.  You get four free recipes right at the link above.  His recipes aren’t all fruit based but they are low fat, high produce, and tasty.

Try this Orange Mango Smoothie

Try this Orange Mango Smoothie