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Give Yourself Clean Fuel

Main Idea:  A fruit based diet keeps your body running clean. 

I was amazed at the changes in my body when I switched to a fruit and tender greens diet. 

One of the first things I noticed was how clean my mouth felt after eating.  After eating fruit I usually finish my meal with some lettuce or celery.  This cleans my teeth even more. 

When I ate meat and cooked food, my mouth did not feel this clean.  Now, after eating, I just rinse my mouth with my homemade xylitol mouthwash and then floss if I need to.

Fruit Kids

Fruit Kids


Your teeth are in a softer state after eating.  I’ve read that it is best to wait 30 minutes or so after eating before brushing your teeth.  So I just rinse after eating and then brush later.  This way my teeth can remineralize and harden up before brushing.

Another benefit to eating simple fruits and greens is that your sweat will not smell as bad.  It’s really true.  Just give it a try for a while.  I’ve eaten meat and milk and spicy foods and my sweat was more “potent” when eating these foods.

With fruit your body simply runs cleaner.  It’s like using a clean fuel for your engine.

You’ll also find that the high fiber and water content of the diet keeps your bowels moving regularly.  When you do have gas, it won’t smell the same as it used to. 

Some people are embarrassed at having someone use the bathroom right after them, because of the smell.  Eating just fruit and greens will make it so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Don’t take my word for it.  Simply give the diet a 30-day test and see for yourself. 

Action Items: 

Experiment with some all fruit meals and discover how clean your mouth feels after.  Focus on how your body functions on this diet.  Notice your fresher breath.

  1. Wilna – South Africa
    May 29th, 2009 at 04:06 | #1

    Please can you refer me to where I can get hold of the diet that you say we should try for 30 days. I have known for several years that I do better on fruit and vegetables ( which I love – the vegetables) but am so brain washed that I thought I needed meat of some sort to balance all out! I dont know why I suddenly found your website but maybe its time and the universe is trying to tell me something. I am 53 and I find meat makes me sluggish and I am really tired the next morning. I cant drink milk anymore or eat ‘raw’ cheese as this gives me immediate migraines. I would love to try the 30 days on this diet. Thank you for your wonderful inspirational feed on vegetables and fruit and general information which is quite informative and still educational even at my age!


    jane Reply:

    i am a long term raw foodist,there are many good sites that offer advice but as i am about your age and it works for me i will offer mine
    green leaves offer chlorophyll which give you power and strength (think elephant gorilla cow) daily need 1lb to 1 kilo weight
    fruits give you energy, daily need about 5lbs to 4 kilos
    a little fat perhaps a handful of nuts and seeds some olives or a small avocado
    if you are commited to great health it really is the easiest regimen to follow
    to eat high levels of raw food you absolutely need an excellent blender vita mix or ktech are brill and expensive/over priced- well,they are in the uk, we all end up buying one! but work with whatever machine you can afford, also required is a food processor and a good knife these units do some of the work of our teeth.
    make fruit smoothies and salads, green smoothies, green leaves blended with sweet fruit is truly delicious and nutritious
    when you are ready for more info i would recommend two writers doug graham and david wolfe


    Christopher Reply:

    Thanks Jane

    I was wondering about how many pounds of fruit and greens I’ve been eating. I need to get a good scale.

    That’s good to hear your ideas (around 1 pound of greens, and 5 pounds of fruit). I’m probably at about one
    pound of greens, mostly lettuce and spinach.


    Christopher Reply:

    Wilna –

    Yes, I wasn’t very specific about that. The diet is just fruits and green leaves, so it’s pretty simple.

    That doesn’t mean it’s easy for many people, of course, we all have our habits and appetites. I just thought I might make the diet a 30-day Challenge and that more people might think, “I can do that for 30 days”. The fun part is that once you’ve tried it for 30 days, you never want to go back to your “old” diet.


  2. donna
    June 2nd, 2009 at 21:51 | #2

    thanks chris,
    i am so glad your writing about this subject. I began gradually cutting out meat from my diet 3 years ago . It began as a very natural process .
    My body seemed ro be rejecting meat and other foods and even thinking of eating meat and such made me feel queezy .At one stage though i was concerned about not having enough protein in my diet and thought i might have to eat some meat .Now i’m so happy to learn that i don’t need it at all and can go on eating the raw vegetables
    and fruit i enjoy and as you have said , eating this way not only makes you feel
    better and healthier , i have felt lighter and more agile than ever . I’m also 42yrs
    old and have been told on numerous occasions i look more somewhere between 27 and 35.
    Cheers to happy eating chris


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