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Nyani’s Third Visit (Stacy)

Visit 3, in which Steve’s daughter Stacy meets Nyani, and they plan a trip to Fruitoka!

Steve and his 12 year old daughter Stacy drove toward the local park in their home town of Gunnison, Utah.

“Dad, are we really going to meet a lady from another planet?”

“I’ve already met her twice, and yes, she wanted to meet you today,” replied Steve.  “I know you and Mom and Samuel have been very curious about my stories.  Nyani wanted us to meet at the park today.  She really likes to be outside.”

Steve spotted Nyani sitting on top of the monkey bars, wearing knee-length shorts and a T-shirt.  She climbed down with easy movements as Steve and Stacy approached.  Stacy’s eyes opened wide as Nyani pulled the green stone out of her waist pack and handed it to her.

“Hi Stacy.  I’m very happy to meet you today.  I love your red hair.”

“Uhh, thanks.  My Mom doesn’t think you’re real,” said Stacy.

“Well, she’s going to be surprised then, isn’t she?”  Nyani smiled.

“Yes, I think she’s going to freak out.  I think your blond hair is pretty.  Sometimes people tease me about my hair.  It’s a lot brighter red than my Mom’s.”

Steve chimed in, “Shall we walk around the park while we talk?”  Steve, Nyani, and Stacy all started walking around the border of the park under some shade trees.  “Stacy has some questions about Fruitoka.”

“Well,” replied Stacy, “What are some of the different things on your planet?  Dad says that none of you drink milk, but you eat just fruit.”

“Actually, every one of us drinks milk,” Nyani replied.  Steve wrinkled up his face in confusion.  “We all drink milk when we are young, from our mother,” she continued.  “We tend to nurse our babies longer than you do here on earth.  But yes, we don’t drink the milk from other animals.  We will talk more about that later.”

“Let’s see.  What other differences do we have?  As a whole, we go to sleep earlier and get up earlier than you do.  We do have artificial lights, as you do, but we want to stay with our natural body cycles.  We are much healthier when we sleep during the night.”

“Our people are much thinner since we eat our natural foods.  We have a more advanced technology than your planet, though it may not look like it at first.”  Nyani said.  “Would you like to come with your Dad to visit Fruitoka soon?”

“Oh, I’d love to!” beamed Stacy.

“Great.  You are actually ready.  It’s your Dad we have to prepare.  Our method of travel involves an energy transfer of very high vibrations.  The more pure your body is, the easier the journey.”

“Steve, hold on to the stone again,” said Nyani.  “You’ve been eating fresher foods without even realizing it.  True change is like that, it’s not forced.”

Steve took the stone.  “You really think we might go soon, and take Stacy?  Is it safe.”

“It’s quite safe.  It’s a little bit of work and takes some arranging, but safe.  This stone does more than just translate.  It measures quite a bit as it gets your imprint, but right now we just want your overall vibration level.”

“That’s it,” Nyani said as she took the stone back from Steve.  “In just a few more days you’ll be ready!  Try eating just fruit for breakfast every day for a few days and that should do it.  If you are willing, cut out the sausage.  That’s the lowest vibration food you’ve been eating.”

“We like to do a lot of sports on Fruitoka.  I have so much I’d like to show you but for our first visit we are going to a Sahila tournament.  I want Stacy to have some fun there.  Sahila is a sports contest with four teams, using something like your frisbee.”

“This is getting really interesting,” replied Steve.  “I don’t know what to say, except that we will be looking forward to it.”

“So will I, ” said Nyani.  Then she turned to Stacy and said, “And you take care of that pretty hair.  We don’t have many redheads on Fruitoka, so you will be noticed.  Bye for now.”

“Oh, and be hungry when we go.  I’ll provide the food,” she added.

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