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Fourth Visit: This one to Fruitoka (Sahila Tournament)

Visit 4, in which Steve and Stacy travel to Fruitoka and see the health of the people as shown at a Sahila Tournament.

Steve and Stacy and Nyani stood holding hands under the far pavilion at the park.  It was midday and they were alone in the shade, forming a small circle.

“We don’t actually need to hold hands,” said Nyani softly as she smiled.  “But it does seem to be fitting, and it may calm Stacy.  Ready?  Let’s go!”

Steve thought that he was the one needing to be calmed, and was grateful for the hand holding.  He was glad Nyani hadn’t said “Energize” like the Star Trek movies.  However, it felt about the same as that must be.

She told them that their bodies wouldn’t be taken apart or vaporized.  Rather, the universe itself would be bent, and they would simply step across to another point.  The bending or folding of the universe was done quickly, and only in the seventh dimension.  This way, other processes were not disturbed.

Steve felt and saw a blue light.  Then the blue turned to white and he felt briefly like he was floating.  He couldn’t feel Stacy’s or Nyani’s hand and became scared for a moment that he was lost.  Then the white changed to green and he looked up into a green tree filled with purple fruit.  All three were still holding hands.

“See.  All Safe,” said Nyani.  “Welcome to Fruitoka.  We are right on the edge of the Stadium.”

“It feels so alive,” said Stacy, as Nyani led them on a stone and grass path through an orchard.  “It reminds me of the energy I feel up the mountains.”

“I’m glad you like it.  We will quickly get that treat I promised you, as the game is about to begin.”

Nyani led them toward a kind of fruit stand, with over 40 different fruits of all colors and sizes.  “It’s a custom here at sports contests to have a Razee, or a smoothie.  Stacy, I’ll get you a Cloudberry Razee because you like blueberries and cloudberries are similar.  Steve, you liked my rutan so you get a Rutan Razee.  I’ll get my favorite, an Asher-Cree Razee.”

The Razees were made by putting the fruit into something that looked like a blender, but with no blades.  Nyani told Steve that the fruit was blended with jets of air rather than cut by blades.  They walked only a few steps from the fruit stand and stepped down into a huge circular stadium.  The stadium didn’t rise above the surface of the ground, but was built down into the ground.

As they carried their Razees and took their seats, Steve estimated that the Stadium held about 4000 people.

Nyani said, “You’ll see soon why I wanted to show you this tournament.  All of our people are very active, but these athletes will show you some real energy, agility, and vitality.”  

“Unlike most of your contests on earth, we have four teams that play at once.  Only one team is the winner, but there is a second, third, and fourth.  The playing field is circular, as you can see.”

“How many players on each team?” asked Stacy.  “And how do they win?”

“There are nine members of each team.  They score ‘goals’ with that frisbee thing you see some of them warming up with.  They have to get it into that slot you see all along the opposite wall.  The slot is up about ten feet high and only six inches wide.  The other team’s defenders will try to block the goal and intercept the prymal, which is what the frisbee is called here.”

“This is all incredible,” said Steve, while sipping his Razee through what looked like a wooden straw.  The Razee itself was in a large wooden mug, complete with handle.  “My Razee is heavenly.  I never imagined a smoothie to taste so exquisite.”

Note (Story continued in the next post):

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