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Rid the Body of Candida Problems

May 1st, 2009 2 comments


Main Idea:  A low-fat fruit diet actually gets rid of Candida problems.  These problems are caused by excess fat, not by fruit.

For years I had trouble with Candida.

I thought fruit caused it.

I couldn’t eat any fruit, or even corn or potatoes.  I would get brain fog, constipation, and severe stomach pain.  I loved fruit, so this was quite difficult.

My case of Candida came along with Lyme disease, but it was one of the worst symptoms!

My friend Roger Haeske told me that the Candida problem was probably the result of too much fat.  He asked me to read a book called the 80/10/10 Diet.

80/10/10 Book

After reading 80/10/10 and DOING it my Candida was cured in 36 hours.  Now I can eat all the fruit I want.  Douglas Graham is the author of the 80/10/10 diet.  Read that book to get the full picture of how excess fat causes blood sugar problems.

I’ll give you a short version here:  When you eat fruit sugars, they go into your bloodstream quickly.  This is normal.  These sugars are also supposed to leave the blood quickly.  The sugars leave the blood and go into the cells.

This process is normal and healthy.  If you are eating a very low-fat diet then blood sugars will process normally.

However, something different happens when you eat a high-fat diet.  The fat coats the walls of the blood vessels and prevents the sugars from going into the cells quickly.  This causes a dangerous rise in blood sugar.

This rise in blood sugar leads to Candida problems and can lead to Diabetes also.

The Candida serves a protective function in the body.  It keeps our blood sugar from soaring too high.  Candida grows quickly to eat up the excess sugar.  Of course, this brings on nasty symptoms also.

According to Doug Graham, any diet over 10 percent fat is “too high in fat”.  I didn’t realize my diet was so high in fat until I read his book.  I was eating loads of fat.  I was eating 40 to 50 percent fat, which isn’t hard to do.

Fat is highly concentrated.  It only takes a small amount to exceed 10 percent.  I dropped the fat, and in 36 hours I could eat all the fruit I wanted!  I remain very thrilled at this discovery.

Roger - 41 Years Young

Roger - 41 Years Young

Don’t take my word for it.  Try it for yourself.  I’ll say to you the same thing that my friend Roger said to me.  He said, “Going without fat for a few days isn’t going to hurt you”.

In fact, it will help you.

Action Items: 

Read the 80/10/10 Diet to learn more.  You will learn that high fat (not high fruit) is the cause of Candida and other blood sugar problems.

Lower your percentage of fat calories to less than 10 percent.  Enjoy the health benefits and vitality.