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Free Fruit Report

June 22nd, 2009 1 comment

Get this Free Fruit Report from my friend Frederic Patenaude.

Frederic’s report debunks the following false statements:

“Today’s fruit is too hybridized so we shouldn’t eat it.” 



Fruit Attraction and Magnetism

“Today’s fruit contains too much sugar so we should avoid it.” 


“If you’re trying to lose weight you should not eat fruit.” 


“It’s not possible to live on a fruit-based diet.” 


“Fruit eaters have problems with their teeth because of the sugar in fruit.” 


“If you have candida you shouldn’t eat fruit.” 


“Fruit contributes to hypoglycemia and blood sugar problems.” 


Yes, these opinions have been floating around the natural health movement lately but Frederic addresses them all.  Just click and download the report below.


Fruit Report


One of my favorite parts of this report is his analysis of what 1000 calories of fruit contains.  He gives three different examples in the report.  I’ve copied one below:


1000 calories of fruit is about:   

1 large cantaloupe (285 calories),1 pound of fresh figs (350 calories), 2 cups of grapes (225 calories), 2 apples (165 calories).   This fruit will provide 265.73% of your vitamin A, 7,977.1% of your vitamin E (!), 670.51% of your vitamin C, 289.11% of your thiamin, and 152.89% of your vitamin B-6, as well as good amounts of riboflavin (30%), niacin (36%), folate (39%), iron (30%), calcium (28%), and magnesium (30%). 

Download the Fruit Report and read the rest.

You can also get Frederic’s DVD Raw Food Recipes for a real treat.