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Enhance Your Performance

June 1st, 2009 No comments

Main Idea:  You will achieve the best athletic performance on a simple diet of fruit and green leaves.

Rather than put some dry data here, I’m going to put myself on the line.  

I’m a runner, and I’m going to tell how I’ve done in some races lately.  Now, I’m 42 years old and I’m recovering from Lyme Disease.  A year ago I could hardly run at all.  It took three years to find out what was wrong.

For an inspiring example of what can be done physically on a fruit based diet, see Tim Van Orden and his Running Raw Project.  He races almost every weekend and posts all his Race Results.

I’ll probably never be as fast as Tim, but I am getting stronger.  Here are my race results below.  If I have access to the results, I’ll link to them.

Updated 2009 Results Here

2009 Results

  • 9/19/2009 – 19th (of 99) – Hidden Peak Challenge 6K – Snowbird, UT (Time – 1:05:13)
  • 7/18/2009 – 56th (of about 90) – Battle at Big Springs 8K – Provo, UT (Time – 52:26)
  • 6/6/2009 – 8th (of about 500) – Irace for MLD 5K – Bountiful, UT (Time – 20:53)
  • 5/30/2009 – 31st (of about 70) - Gruesome Grizzly Trail 8K – Provo, UT (Time – 43:32)
  • 5/23/2009 – 4th (of 80) – Scandinavian Festival 5K – Ephraim, UT (Time – 22:41) 
  • 5/2/2009 – 14th (of 33) – Timp Shadow Trail 5K – Provo, UT  (Time – 27:56)  Muddy Race!

Note – Some of you have asked about Lyme Disease.  Here is a link to my Lyme treatment.


Photo from the muddy Timp Shadow race.

Photo from the muddy Timp Shadow race.