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Create Less Garbage

May 15th, 2009 No comments

Main Idea:  A fruit based diet (fruits and tender greens) leaves much less garbage in the world.

You will be amazed at how little garbage you produce when on a fruit diet!  In fact, we hardly ever fill our garbage can up. 

We could put out our garbage can only every other week, except for one thing.  We gave the garbage man some Christmas treats one year.  Now he will come to our house even when our garbage can isn’t out, and wait until one of the boys runs it out to the street!

Fast Food Garbage

Fast Food Garbage

Processed food comes in lots of boxes and containers.  This packaging fills up our garbage cans and fills up our planet. 

Our landfills are overflowing.

Don’t take my word for it.  Look through your trash and see how much of it comes from processed food and drinks.

I drink all my fruit smoothies out of one glass mug, which is easily rinsed out to use again and again.

To bring my groceries home, I use three of those recyclable tote bags that I can use over and over.  Most of the stores where I live sell these bags by the checkout counter.  Some of the better stores even give me a dime off for every bag I bring in!

Think of the benefits.  Your changes in this area will add up.

I read that McDonald’s sells 2 billion burgers a year.  That’s about 75 per second.  Each one is wrapped in paper and put in a paper bag along with a few paper napkins.  Fast food makes a lot of garbage.

Fruit has earth friendly leftovers

Fruit has earth friendly leftovers

Eating fresh fruits and greens does leave a lot of peels and seeds and stems.  But you can compost these.  The leftovers are good for the earth.

Action Items: 

Shop in the produce section and fill your cart with fresh living food.

Bring your own canvas tote bags to the store for your groceries.

Compost your organic leftovers back into the soil.